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Are You Ready For Some Politics?

Remember Hank Williams, Jr.?  Well, if you’ve ever watched a football game on Monday night, you probably should, since this used to precede every game.  (Don’t ask me about the military stuff, because that’s new to me.)  Then, last year, Hank Jr. said some things he probably shouldn’t have – stuff about Obama somehow, potentially, being a […]

The Other Way To “Go Green”

Despite the fact that President Obama admitted to smoking marijuana as a high schooler, he has made it clear that the government has no plans to legalize it.  Not everyone is groovy with that, but even if he wasn’t dealing with a do-nothing Congress, legalizing pot would most definitely not be easy. Still, a lot […]

Vote For Me, Maybe

Of all the parodies of Carly Rae Jepsen’s mega-hit “Call Me Maybe” – the Olympic Swimming Team, Harvard’s baseball team, even (sort of) President Obama – this one is by far the most disturbing: The Chicago Young Republicans made a “Call Me Maybe” parody to recruit volunteers for Mitt Romney’s presidential campaign. A sample: We’ll give you […]

A Man Of The People (Magazine Readers)

Yesterday, I wrote about President Obama’s Friday interview with an Albuquerque radio station.  A major topic of discussion?  Which superpower the President would have.  Now, me personally, I find this insightful.  No, really.  Will you choose a hawkish power, like the ability to grow claws a la Wolverine?  Our Commander-in-Chief elected instead to go with a […]